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New Headshots for the Gurtner Baumaschinen AG

Date: 01 September 2017 Author: fotopizza

Ohringen / Langenthal / Avenches, Switzerland: Fotopizza produces the new headshots for the Gurtner Baumaschinen AG. Only photographs of people  give a website, basically any online appearance, a (human-) face. Our headshots form a great first impression of the people who bring a company to life. It`s about character and personality. Leadershop skills, competence, passion. Produced in cooperation with the (corporate-) headshot specialists of www.dennisbeyer-photography.com

Summer Party at the Gurtner Baumaschinen AG

Date: 13 July 2017 Author: fotopizza

Ohringen, Switzerland: The "50 years partnership with Hamm" summer party at the Gurtner Baumaschinen AG was a great success for the client relations of Gurtner and Hamm. We all had loads of fun, and we like to say thank you to the Gurtner and Hamm teams. We had great weather, fine bavarian beer, cool music performed by the "Grenzlandbuam", nice customers in a good mood.  Here comes the link for the event-photo galleries: http://fotopizza.com/clients/Gurtner+Sommerfest+2017 . Have fun looking thru it. You can download single pictures, or entire galleries. You can use the images as you like without any restrictions. If you plan on using them officially, like in a newspaper, a magazin, on a website, please observe copyright laws and make sure fotopizza is stated as the picture source as follows: Photos: www.fotopizza.com

Let`s have fun: Corporate Headshots!

Date: 12 June 2017 Author: fotopizza

"Headshots are more than mere portraitures. Headshots make the personlity of the model visible. That`s a great means of communication for companies: Show managers and employees in the best possible light! Of course it takes a great photographer with very special skills to create impressive headshots. Our head of photography, Dennis Beyer , makes headshots a unique fun experience even for those who dislike being photographed- everyone walks out, proud of their remarkable images. Why don`t you try it yourself- for you personally, or your company? Small effort, big impact! Greetz, JayJay Setbunny" (from the set of a headshot photoshoot for a Swiss industrial company; more images will follow soon)


Switzerland meets Bavaria: A summer event

Fotopizza is organising an amazing 2-day summer event for Swiss cosntruction machinery distributor Gurtner Baumaschinen AG. Gurtner has been a distributor an partner for HAMM rollers and compaction equipment for 50 years. And since HAMM rollers are made in Bavaria, it`s going to be a Swiss-Bavarian event: Bavarian music and craft beer, Swiss and Bavarian […]

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It`s Headshot time!

For Swiss business consultancy ATIZO360° in Burgdorf, fotopizza, in close cooperation with Dennis Beyer Photography was commissioned to produce new headshots of ATIZO`s staff. As usual, we do things differently. Corporate headshots are less about just showing faces, but it`s all about showing personality and character!

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More beautiful Print-Design!

For the 50th anniversary of being HAMM compaction distributor, we created stickers which will be applied to all HAMM rollers sold by the Gurtner Baumaschinen AG this year. Looking great on the machines!

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