Technical View Camera & Medium Format System

The following camera systems are available:
Technical View Camera for industrial photography, advertising, architecture and interiors: Silvestri Bicam II & Rodenstock HR Lenses.
Medium Format Cameras: Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II D & Phase One 645 DF.
These systems are used together with the Phase One IQ 250 digital back, which delivers 50-Megapixel images of a quality, which is far above any 35mm DSLR system and pretty unique even among medium format systems.

File Size 16 Bit TIFF: 300 MB
File Size JPEG: 45 MB
File Size Pixel: 8280 x 6208
Print Size 300dpi: 71cm x 52cm

In addition, the Phase One 645 DF is used for Panorama Photography to achieve extremely big print sizes.

additional camera systems

Exceptional Tasks call for exceptional tools

There are tasks that are a little different.
Shooting an infrared industrial panorama image.
Or producing a reportage in places where it`s not really recommended to run around with an expensive looking camera around your neck.
Sometimes, you need to keep a low profile to get the pictures you want.
In these situations, an many more, we use some special tools, like the ever so underrated Sigma Cameras SD14, DP1 and DP2, as well as the Fuji X-E1.
Soon, some high quality special “low profile” camera systems will be added for our photographers in “special regions”: The 16 Megapixel MFT systems OLYMPUS OMD-EM 10 and PANASONIC GX-7.