50 years Hamm rollers in Switzerland!

04 March 2017 Author: fotopizza

Since 1967, Swiss based Gurtner Baumschinen AG has been the go-to dealer for the best compactors and rollers in the world: Hamm rollers, part of the Wirtgen Group. Gurtner is, just as Hamm and the entire Wirtgen Group, a company that meets the highest standards in quality, reliability and professionalism. In co-operation with Gurtner and Hamm, fotopizza now designs and implements all marketing- and advertising actions for this anniversary, including the planning and organisation of an anniversary event. What an amazing project. And since no medium sized company can afford to assign endless human ressources for such a one-year project, fotopizza, as a full service provider, is taking over the entire anniversary work in order to keep the client, the Gurtner Baumaschinen AG focused on its important daily business. We keep you up to date regarding all actions and events, here on our website, as well as on our facebook page.