Perception is Reality!

Send your message with images instead of words.

Fotopizza is an international premium service collective for the creation of visual languages. As creators of visual languages, we translate the true unique selling points of your company, products and services into a unique visual language that will be understood immediately by your customers, whilst your competitors remain unheard.
Top photographers, print designers, documentary and feature film makers, 3D animation artists, web experts and communications and business psychology specialists – we’ve got an internationally experienced team of chefs ready and waiting to bake and brew with you in creativity’s kitchen.

All of our chefs have a professional technical background and speak your industry`s language.

We can cook up entirely individual communication recipes with you and for you, e.g. for the launch of a new product or service – using the ingredients of your choice. We’ll pour our love and passion into your unique visual presentation, and together we create tasty sales support material which makes your customers come back for more!

We work perfectly together with your marketing specialists and together we develop concepts. Or we work on our own and present these concepts to you if you so wish.
You are an advertising or marketing agency? Great! We are happy to give a hand in the realization and execution of your amazing concepts. If you like, you can also fall-back on our know-how in special industries or parts of the world you are not familiar with, and you can order special ingredients to refine your concepts!


To create your visual language, choose from our four kitchen branches:


01 Industrial photography 07 Studio photography
02 Advertising photography 08 On-location photography
03 Reportage photography 09 Architectural photography
04 Image photography 10 Interior design photography
05 Corporate photography 11 Portrait photography
06 Panoramic photography 12 Product photography

Film & infotainment

13 Advertising and image films 19 Video magazines
14 Product videos 20 Video blogs
15 Reportages 21 3D animations & graphics
16 Documentation videos 22 2D animations & graphics
17 Short films, trailers & cinema advertising 23 Virtual adventure tours
18 Internet teasers 24 Interactive animations

Print design, merchandise & events

25 Printed materials 28 Direct mail campaigns
26 Promotional gifts & mascots 29 Stand layout for fairs
27 Customer event design 30 Trade show organisation

Internet presentation

31 Websites 33 Setting up a webshop
32 Front end programming 34 Databases

We believe that every image of an object must have the same high quality as the object itself.
We look forward to designing a mouth-watering menu of visual and verbal language that will energise your success in the markets of the world.
In the map you can see our regular delivery area. Of course we are happy to accept your order from outside that area. Just call our Order Hotline and let`s talk what you need and how we can be there for you!