Ammann Universal HRT- Your High Performance Mixing Plant for the challenges of today and tomorrow!

Date: 29 June 2014 Author: fotopizza

  • In road construction and maintenance, enormous amounts of reclaimed asphalt need to be dealt with. Reclaimed asphalt is a potentially valuable material.
  • With a totally new asphalt mixing plant, the Ammann Universal High Recycling Technology HRT, this reclaimed asphalt is no longer an additive or a material that can only be processed with trade-offs.
  • With the HRT, reclaimed asphalt becomes the primary ingredient for the asphalt mix without causing the side effects that has always come when reclaimed asphalt was processed.
  • Fresh material now becomes an additive that is only necessary in relatively small amounts to achive the desired mix quality.
  • The Ammann Universal HRT asphalt mixing plant becomes an important catalyzer in the process of asphalt recycling.
  • fotopizza thinks that this is a great step forward towards progressive road building and environmentally friendly mix production.
  • Have fun with this new fotopizza product film / image film, which is also available in a German version.
  • We like to thank the following companies for there amazing support during our film works: Johann Bunte AG, SMC Industriemontangen, Matthäi-Group.
  • Special thanks to Andreas Lukeit, Michael Löning, Jürgen Altermann, Björn Latussek, Robin Klepsch, Otmar Petz, Bernd Bachmann, Winfried Fischer and Uwe Renner.