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Christmas Greetings!

Date: 22 December 2015 Author: fotopizza

"Christmas is coming up. High time to make some special presents for our clients- and so our chef & ceo Mr Dennis Beyer stood up early for days to prepare a significant number of his famous and delicious christmas cakes. If you like to have the secret recipe- I memorised it and give it out on request! Just send an email to me, JayJay, at Merry Christmas to you all out there! JayJay Setbunny"

Project Kick-Off Meeting at the “Living-Room Studio”

Date: 07 December 2015 Author: fotopizza
Living-Room Studio

  • The weekend 04-06 Dec saw the last big meeting in the "Living-Room Studio" for this year.
  • Project kick-off meeting with a new German client who needs to remain undisclosed so far.
  • Present: The client`s representative, fotopizza`s Head of Film Karsten Hinrichs, Director of Photography Eckart Reichl, Audio Engineer Dominique Klatte, Photographer Adina Huber, Production Assistant Christin "Cat" Leuthaeusser, fotopizza`s CEO & Chef de Cuisine Dennis Beyer, Setbunny JayJay.
  • The meeting startet Friday evening with a meet & greet. Our CEO did hit blender & oven and supplied cocktails, a hot chili con carne starter, and the best chicken & beef fajitas ever.
  • This was followed by long talks `til 02:00 a.m. with Pomelo, Nana-Mint Tea and Shisha.
  • The Saturday started with a great breakfast, followed by 2 keynotes held by the client and Dennis Beyer. The team worked hard, and played yet again very successful what we call "idea-tennis".
  • Fuel was prepared by Dennis Beyer again- this time in the form of a nice campanian maccaroni-casserole.
  • Some sports always comes in handy, so later we went to the local bowling center for our teambuilding activity to play a few frames.
  • Bottom line: Fotopizza could once again show that we are different in every respect- the client`s representative expected "the usual" based on his experiences with our companies in our field of work- but he experienced fotopizza: great ideas, competent people, hard work, amazing home made food & drinks- and a great deal of affectionate respect.
  • And since Christmas is coming up, fotopizza`s CEO had lovely presents for all ready under the tree.
  • Couldn`t have gone any better. We are looking forward to this project.

Christmas thoughts

Date: 02 December 2015 Author: fotopizza

What mean business relations to you? Relations to clients, suppliers, other companies? (Opinions and comments welcomed) I find that business relations are always interpersonal, and personal relations as well. And they should be, because business deals are always made between people and for people. What if we handled b2b and b2c relations as if they were interpersonal relations – with good intentions, decency, respect, trust, positive with joy and friendly fairness? Such a relation can cause – rather un-capitalistic – one the basic human experiences we all made, even before we were born, to re-surface: Mutual growth and development is possible! Mutual growth rather than of ruthless enrichment, on the cost of „weaker“ partners. The bad things mostly only happen when business relations are handled  with an „Sorry it`s noting personal, just business!“ attitude. I find business relations are very personal. And good business happens always when every business partner treats the other one the way he wants to be treated himself. With appreciation, respect, decency and fairness. Mutual growth – this is a nice Christmas thought. Relations are important to me, and I see them as personal relations. And this I like to show, especially on Christmas Time: The ingredients this year:

  • 6 days of concept work, finding the right lyrics and the right photo subject
  • 2  nights of photo works in the Swiss mountains
  • 1 day for card design
  • 1 day for stamp selection
  • 3 days of paper tasting for the cards and envelopes
  • 2 printing days
  • 1 bottle of shellack ink, colour burnt sienna
  • 2 glass quills, handmade in Thuringia, Germany
  • 3 different kinds of sealing wax
  • 1 brass logo stamp
  • 60 hours to give each of the cards (a 3-digit-number) a personal greeting and to seal it
  • lots of respect and love
I wish you all a wonderful Christmas Time. Spend time with the people important to you. My wish this year: That we start treating each other – in business, society, private life – the way we want to be treated. So that we can grow together.

(Deutsch) Fotopizza ändert seine AGB

Date: 30 October 2015 Author: fotopizza

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Documentary Film Production: “Checkerboard Percussions” (WT)

Date: 09 October 2015 Author: fotopizza
Young Jessie

Fotopizza is currently producing a documentary film on a cultural-historical / social-political topic. The film will take us back to the independent music scene of the 1950`s and 1960`s mainly in the United States. For the production fotopizza put together an entirely new film team. Film works started during the Rock`n`Roll Festival in Hemsby, United Kingdom, in the first week of October 2015. More on the project and its progress will be published here and on our Facebook Site. The featured image shows US music legend Mr Young Jessie, photographed by fotopizza`s CEO Dennis Beyer during fotopizza`s interview session for the film project.

Summer Final Spurt Campaign

Date: 09 September 2015 Author: fotopizza

  • It`s general knowledge among marketing specialists. It works in advertising and when lawyers plea.
  • If you share what you have to say by using some sort of story, your target audience will listen.
  • For millenia people have been sitting around the fire place, telling stories. And people like listening to stories well told.
  • Everybody remembers the best movieever watched  or the best book ever read. Stories touch us deep in our hearts and souls- that place inside of us, where we withdrew to when we were kids, when things got over our heads.
  • Good stories stick in our brains forever. But telling a good story needs courage.
  • The courage to say farewell to the old, outdated purely text and fact based way to communicate your unique selling points. The courage to live here and now with the future in sight- and to live that business-life with all the emotions it comes with.
  • Your stories work- and people will listen to what you want to say, if we tell your stories together.
  • Our film department, our specialists from the feature- and documentary film business are ready to bring your story on all screens- trade show displays or cinema screens.
  • For many companies trade show season is coming up. Preperations for the big shows like the BAUMA 2016 Munich are rolling up high. Films that tell good stories, with pictures unseen so for are ideal to stop passersby at your booth and to help your sales people to make a first, positive contact, to get the talks going.
  • Our analysis of the perception patterns of trade show visitors on shows on 4 continents over the last 5 years makes it clear:
  • The outdated, boring, exchangable and ever the same old same old pictures are ignored by show visitors- in the best case. In many cases, the use of an outdated visual language creates the feeling that your company is not on the top the game anymore, not only in it`s visual appearance. But perception is reality!
  • You can go a different way. Create interest for your company, it`s products or services and increase sales by the help of a truely unique, unforgettable visual language created by your company together with. fotopizza.
  • Let`s tell your stories together!
  • Summer Final Spurt Campaign:
  • You get a 15% discount on the production costs when you commission the production of an a product-image film, corporate-image film, trade show teaser / film or a cinema commercial- when the film`s message will be told as a documentary film or a real or fictional story.
  • Only for film projects up to 10 minutes film duration, and for film productions starting in 2015, with first pre-production meeting taking place until the end of October 2015.
  • Just contact our film department via email or call our hotline.

(Deutsch) fotopizza Tipp

Date: 18 August 2015 Author: fotopizza

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(Deutsch) Sommeraktion / Organisatorischer Hinweis

Date: 30 June 2015 Author: fotopizza
The Beach of Lacanau Ocèan, France

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(Deutsch) Sommeranfangs-Aktion

Date: 14 June 2015 Author: fotopizza
The Beach Lacanau Ocèan France

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(Deutsch) Story Telling in der Werbung

Date: 11 June 2015 Author: fotopizza
Driving Emotions

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(Deutsch) Gedanken zum Thema “Sexistische Werbung”

Date: 19 April 2015 Author: fotopizza

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Setbunny News

Date: 17 March 2015 Author: fotopizza
fotopizza setbunny

  • "Dear Friends!
  • I know that I have been quiet for some time now. But trust me, I did not forget you.
  • I have a lot on my plate right now- unfortunately it`s not only carrots and salad.
  • But I promise, I will be back with more stories soon. So far, I leave you with a lesson I learned during my latest high-tech photo shoot:
  • No matter if you are into digital or film photography / cinematography- proper light metering never goes out of style!" SB

(Deutsch) Aldi Schweiz wirbt mit coolen Filmen- und Filmplakaten dazu! Finden wir super!

Date: 02 February 2015 Author: fotopizza

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Thoughts on “Sports Illustrated” latest decisions.

Date: 24 January 2015 Author: fotopizza

(Deutsch) Werbung. Argumente. Zielgruppen. Kunden. Auftraggeber.

Date: 21 January 2015 Author: fotopizza

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