Yearly Archive: 2014

Amazing Tapas place in Baden-Baden, Germany

Date: 26 November 2014 Author: fotopizza

You are in Baden-Baden. You spent the entire day at the thermal bath. Now you are hungry. Hungry- like super hungry. You want something amazing. Unique. But not overly complicated. Straight forward instead. We recommend the "Monte Christo". A truly unique interpretation of the entire "Tapas" topic. You will experience tastes you have never had before, and a personal service in a cosy place. We think, it`s a MUST when you visit Baden-Baden. "Monte Christo" tapas place, open Monday thru Saturday from 06:00p.m. until 01:00 a.m. Address: Eichstrasse 5, Baden-Baden, Germany. Just delicious! (We recommend to make a reservation)  

Photokina News

Date: 18 September 2014 Author: fotopizza

What a day. Look a this tiny Micro Four Thirds Camera Panasonic rolled out. It is.... tiny!!!! It gives the image quality of an GX7 in a tiny package- but with a good EVF. That`s cool! What else did we see? A great camera-leveling device made by UNIQEBALL, great LED lights and light banks by Aurora and Hedler, mock ups of (Full Frame?) Pentax lenses, and a new Triton flash head by Photoflex. Also, cool battery driven flash heads made by German maker Priolite. Flashmakers tend to change their approach and now offer more and more flash units that are capable of sync-speeds from 1/200s - 1/8000s with focal plane shutter- it creates new problems, but solves also some. So, can`t wait for day 2! SB

Photokina News

Date: 18 September 2014 Author: fotopizza

Now this is great news: Phase One ist going to roll out a firmware update for our IQ250 back, which then offers WiFi / NFC live view on an iPad.  This turns an iPad into a great ground glass when using the IQ250 on a technical view camera like our Silvestri Bicam II.  Phase One gives us traveling high end photographers exactly what we need. I`m happy! SB

Photokina is coming soon!

Date: 13 September 2014 Author: fotopizza

The most important trade show for photographic gear, the Photokina in Cologne, Germany, is starting soon! I will be visiting the trade show from 17.09.-20.09. 2014, together with my boss, fotopizza`s Chef de Cuisine Dennis Beyer. This message goes out to photography & film enthusiasts, gear suppliers, fotopizza friends and clients: If you are up for a coffee-meeting and a nice chat, just give us a call! Besides, I will be reporting from the trade show via the fotopizza blog daily, with news and interesting gear gossip! See you soon, Setbunny

Keep quiet, don`t wake up the autumn!

Date: 06 September 2014 Author: fotopizza

Lacanau-Ocean, France: The quietness is so loud. It's hammering against my eardrums. Summer is fighting it's last battle. Lost from the beginning. Riding one last wave, but the air already has that autumn feel... DB

Starting now: Culinary Tips and more! No.1:

Date: 25 August 2014 Author: fotopizza

Our fotopizza photography and film teams travel a lot. We love good food, and we come across amazing restaurants in areas off the regular tourist routes. And these, often spectacular, findings we like to share with you! Watch out for the pizza photo- it indicates a new culinary tip!

So here comes our first recommendation: An phantastic restaurant in Oostende, Belgium, called "Den Artiest". It`s a bar, a grill-restaurant and an art gallery, all in one unbelievable setting. The steaks are perfect, service is quick and friendly, and the interior is just unique und beautiful. If you are ever in Oostende / Belgium and you are really hungry, and perfect steaks rock your boat, then please visit "Den Artiest", Kapucijnenstraat 13, Oostende. Opening hours daily  17:00-02:00.

Brighton Photo Biennial 2014

Date: 31 July 2014 Author: fotopizza

From October 4th until November 2ndn an amazing photography festival is taking place in Brighton, England. A must see for every photo enthusiast. And it`s a great opportunity to meet people and to see some insipiring work right after all the Photokina gear talks. Visit the bpb website!

A cool gang is coming together at Spa-Racing-Circuit!

Date: 24 June 2014 Author: fotopizza

Spa Racing Circuit, Belgium: On our intermediate tour-stop here at the Spa Racing Circuit we ran into a presentation / testing of new Mercedes trucks. Really cool. Mercedes is a car maker fotopizza also relies on, and we just can't help but loving these vehicles!

A short break from work

Date: 23 June 2014 Author: fotopizza

Oostende, Belgium: It feels good working in Belgium again. Everyone is in a winning mood, after last night's Red Devils world cup match. Industrial shootings in summer may be hot and physically hard, but here it feels like being surrounded by supportive friends, and there is even enough time for a short walk to the Oostende-beach.

Safety First!

Date: 19 June 2014 Author: fotopizza

"We just got word that a good friend of our company got seriously injured in the course of a bad accident on a construction site. That reminds us that our job is dangerous. So people, please always wear and properly use your personal safety equipment! High visibility vest, safety goggles, gloves, hard hat and S3 shoes are a MUST! Please take always very good care of you. You got nothing more important than your health! And Michael, get well soon!" Set Bunny

Our thoughts and prayers…

Date: 15 June 2014 Author: fotopizza
Dennis Beyer in Zakho, Iraq, November 2013

Langenthal, Switzerland: Here at fotopizza we constantly monitor the latest news right now. What was supposed to be a great football season is now overcast by dark clouds. Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends, clients and business partners in Iraq in these dark hours. May you and your loved ones remain unharmed, and may you never loose your hope, your dreams and your freedom again. The photo shows our CEO, Mr Dennis Beyer, during a job in Zakho, Iraq, November 2013.

On saving data

Date: 12 June 2014 Author: fotopizza

Gravatai, Brazil: SSD`s can only store a finite amount of data! Who knew?

Regarding cars…

Date: 06 June 2014 Author: fotopizza
bunny and cat in the sand quarry

Hartheim, Germany: When working in a deep sand quarry, it's always good to drive a proper 4x4! But even when you have some military-induced off-road driving skills, little cats can get scared a bit! So take it easy! SB


Date: 26 May 2014 Author: fotopizza

Sometimes it is so healthy to play around, to go outside and experience photography without a plan, agenda or purpose. Playing. Making experiments with coincidences. Photography can be so refreshing. Or you have a look on older pictures, taken years ago. Let`s review them with new eyes. What will I find? Making new discoveries. A exiting journey back to a younger me, that occasionally lights my way ahead. DB

Equipment Upgrade Kitchen Branch Photography

Date: 19 May 2014 Author: fotopizza
Dennis Beyer, fotopizza`s Chef de Cuisine

At fotopizza, we are always keen to offer our clients the quality and results that only the latest gear can offer, and that our clients expect from a premium service provider like fotopizza. In our kitchen branch >Film<, we already work with the latest and greatest- RED EPIC and Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Our kitchen branch >Photography< we have been working with Phase One equipment for years. Now it`s time to upgrade. Regarding the technical view camera, we switch from Schneider lenses to the amazing Rodenstock HR-W & HR-S lenses. The best of the best for unmatched image quality. And we pair them up with our new Phase One IQ250  digital medium format 50 Megapixel Back. The best of the best for our clients. Welcome to the future. We love to deliver the finest visual language you can imagine, in concept and technical quality.

The new fotopizza Blog will start soon…

Date: 11 April 2014 Author: fotopizza
Fotopizza Set Hase / Set Bunny

...including really usuful information presented by me!

Film Production in Brazil

Date: 01 February 2014 Author: fotopizza
Dennis Beyer

Sao Paulo, Brazil: Brazil is an amazing country with great people. Thanks for all the support we got. Our film project got extended, now we have produced 2 advertising films, and the outcome of the 6 photo shoots is great. It was one of the hardest jobs ever, but there is nothing that the fotopizza chefs and support staff can't handle. Greetz to all from Sao Paulo! DB

A great hard day.

Date: 29 January 2014 Author: fotopizza

Gravatahy, Bazil: What a day. 12 takes, 8 scenes. 15 non-professional perfectly directed "actors" (construction workers), 40 °C, 99,99999999999999% humidity, inside an industrial factory. We always hear: The effort we put into our films is far above average! Well, that`s true. But far above average also describes our target audience: They are demanding, innovative and with a high awareness for quality.  Great to see that this target audience perceives our films as  "different" and as attractive attention-getters and eye catchers for the featured companies, products and services. SB

When working in a very hot environment…

Date: 25 January 2014 Author: fotopizza

...with high intensity sunshine: Drink plenty of water- 4 liters per day at least- and use plenty of sun protection, and re-apply it every 2 hours. But don't forget to wash your hands before touching your camera! Pedra, Brazil. SB

Tropical Nights

Date: 19 January 2014 Author: fotopizza

Mogi-Guacu, Brazil: Grilled chicken, the best Caipi on that planet, made of really fresh limes. Another heavy thunderstorm, warm pool water, cold cerveza- Brazil is nice! Cat


Date: 18 January 2014 Author: fotopizza

Mogi-Guacu, Brazil: An unsual set up. But, you have to make do with what you find. The ability to improvise has always been a trade mark of good film makers. Here, the director and the focus puller set up the Blackmagic Cinema Camera in the bucket of a loader for nice camera movements. KH

Up in the Air

Date: 18 January 2014 Author: fotopizza

Mogi-Guacu, Brazil: The footage from a camera drone with a gopro hero3+ black can add some extra spice to an advertising / industrial film. But of course, it needs a good operator. Who else would fit the bill better than my boss, a former air force officer? Maybe tomorrow, even i take a ride with that cool flying machine! SB

Happy New Year!

Date: 01 January 2014 Author: fotopizza
Fotopizza New Logo

Happy New Year to all our clients, friends and fans! We have heard your wishes and acted accordingly. The new year starts with a re-structuring. Fotopizza is now devided into 4 kitchen branches: Photography, Film & Infotainment, Print & Design and Web. Our services had been expanded, just as our number staff. Togehter with selected premium partners we can now offer a very comprehensive assortment of ingredients for your visual language menu. We really look forward to cook the greatest ideas for your visual communication together with you- for your success on the global markets! Dennis Beyer, fotopizza`s Chef de Cuisine